Meet the Experts

Amber Scott

[CEO & Founder, Outlier Solutions]

Andres Betancourt

[Senior Audit Manager, AML and Sanctions, Scotiabank]

Andy Hofmann

[Global Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer, BMO Capital]

Annette Ryan

[Deputy Director and CFO, FINTRAC]

Bob Kapur

[Independent AML/ATF Consultant]

Caitlin Barnett

[Director of Regulation & Compliance, Chainalysis]


[Support Analyst, Project Protect, FINTRAC]

Charlene Cieslik

[Chief Compliance Officer, LocalCoin]

Cody Cavaliere

[Independent Consultant - Bitcomply consulting]

Dave Jevans

[CEO, CipherTrace]

Fnan Desta

[Senior Manager - AML Intelligence Unit, BMO Financial Group]

Glenn Fratangelo

[Head of Fraud Strategy, NICE Actimize]

Jacqueline Shinfield

[ Partner, Blakes]

Jasmine Sicular

[Head of AML Solutions, Banking, Quantexa]

Jessica Davis

[President, Insight Threat Intelligence]

Joseph Mari

[Director, FIU and External Partnerships, Scotiabank]

Kaitlin Bick

[Human Trafficking Survivor, Social Advocate and Speaker, Timea's Cause]

Karen Creen

[CAMLO, Bank of China]

Kim Grauer

[Head of Research, Chainalysis]

Laura Houlihan

[Associate Director, Risk and Compliance, Protiviti]


[Financial Analyst, Intelligence Sector, FINTRAC]

Melanie Lefebvre

[ Senior AML Investigator and FinCrime Consultant]

Michael Boole

[Manager, Financial Intelligence Sector - AML/ATF, FINTRAC]

Michael-John Almon

[Manager, Strategic Intelligence, Research and Analytics, FINTRAC]

Michael-John Almon

[Manager, Strategic Intelligence, Research and Analytics, FINTRAC]

Nick Ruggiero

[Manager, Office of Law Enforcement Outreach and Investigations, Canada, Western Union]

Nico Severino

[Head of Sales and Operations - COO, Revelock]

Nicola Eschenburg

[FinCrime Testing Service Venture Lead, BAE System Applied Intelligence]

Nunzio Tramontozzi 

[Director, Special Investigations Unit, Scotiabank]

Pamela Clegg

[VP of Financial Investigations, CipherTrace]

Patrick Moreau

[Director Financial Planning & Reporting, FINTRAC]

Paul Burak

[Chief Compliance Officer, ShakePay]

Raju Sidhu

[Counsel, BMO]

Rob Rendell

[ VP of Payment Solutions, Feedzai]

Robert Vingerhoets

[Detective Constable, York Regional Police]

Robert Whalen

[Chair, Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network]

Ruzaan Karwa

[Manager, FIU, Scotiabank]

Ryan Gordon

[Engineer, Public Sector, Chainalysis]

Ryan Hendy

[ Manager, Terrorist Financing and Threats Unit, FINTRAC]

Sam Cooper

[National Online Journalist, Investigative, Global News]

Sanjay Duggal

[Chief Compliance Officer, Security Digital Markets]

Stephen Alsace

[Director, Global Investigations and Compliance, Guidehouse]

Stuart Davis

[Executive Vice President, Global Head, Financial Crimes Risk Management, Scotiabank]

Tamas Miko

[Human Trafficking Survivor, Social Advocate and Speaker, Timea's Cause]

Tiffany Ha

[Product Marketing Manager, Feedzai]

Timea Nagy

[CEO & Founder, Timea's Cause]

Vadim Slavin

[Director, Credentials Platform, GlobalID]

Valerie Wu

[VP, AML and Compliance Officer, Citi]

Vishal Gossain

[VP, Global Risk Management, Scotiabank]